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KANGAROO Premium Cement Grout

55 ฿





  • Excellent adhesion, eliminating tile falling off
  • Reduces stubborn dirt stain buildup with hydrophobic agent added
  • Reduces water leakage, the cause of the fungus.
  • Prevents and inhibits black mold
  • Long service life with greater durability without cracking
  • Ideal for grouting indoor and outdoor floor or wall
  • Grout line width: 1-6 mm.

Area Coverage (sq.m./bag)

  • Covering an area of approximately 4-23 sq.m.

Pack Size: 1 kg/bag


KANGAROO Premium cement grout contains a mixture of Portland cement and high-strength bonding agents. With excellent adhesion, ensuring a strong bond, resistant to cracking, shrinking and odorless. Safe for users and has long service life with great durability without cracking,  with anti-fungal additives and hydrophobic agents help prevent the accumulation of dirt and facilitate easy cleaning. Suitable for wide tile joints ranging from 1-6 mm, can be used for grouting indoor and outdoor floor and wall.

Surface Preparation

Clean the joints of the tiles, removing dust and dirt. Ensure that there is no waterlogging between the joints before applying cement grout. Wait for approximately 24-48 hours after tile installation before applying cement grout.


Mix 1 kilogram (1bag) of cement with 0.35-0.45 liters of water. Mix the cement grout until it forms a creamy consistency. Set aside for 3-5 minutes to allow the chemical reactions. *After mixing, use cement grout within 40-60 minutes.


For walls, use a trowel to apply the cement grouting evenly into the joints, ensuring that the grout fills the gaps. Create a slight slope between the grout surface and the joint to prevent the grout from pulling the tile out of place. Use a trowel to remove excess grout from the tile surface.

For Floors

– Pour the mixed grout onto the designed tile area and use a trowel to spread it evenly, creating a slope towards the joints. Fill the joint with the grout.

– Wipe off any excess grout from tile surface using a wet sponge before the grout dries completely.

– Allow the grout to dry for approximately 2 hours before cleaning.

– To enhance adhesion, set aside for an additional hour before actual use.


– Avoid using cement grout in high temperatures or direct sunlight.

– Leave a minimum gap of approximately 3 mm between tiles to prevent water leakage and friction of the tiles.

– Store the grout in the shaded area with good ventilation. The storage area should be dry, not humid.

– 12 months of shelf life from manufacturing date if unopened. If there is any remaining grout in the bag, ensure to tightly seal the bag after each use.


If the cement grout gets into eyes, rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical attention.



Technical Data Sheet



KANGAROO Premium Cement Grout

**Application area of each product It is an approximate area only. Excluding losses from actual use.