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Mortar OEM Service

received international standards

We have a production process that is international and standardized. Complies with ISO standards. Quality control at every step Starting from the process of receiving raw materials Followed by steps for quality inspection, storage, and efficient product quality control. Our factory uses a 100% robotic production system to ensure that. We will produce only the best mortar for deliver to our customers.

Mortar Expert Manufacturer

Quick Coat Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of PLUMB and KANGAROO Mortar. We are the first manufacturer of mortar for lightweight brickwork and lightweight brick plastering in Thailand. We give priority to “Quality” as the number 1. With a lot of experience in the construction of mortar more than 28 years.

In addition to mortar for lightweight brickwork and lightweight brick plastering, we also accept the production of all types of cement mortar, skim coat, cement adhesive, grout, leveling, etc.

We use quality raw materials that have been selected from around the world. We have a product development team for meet market demands and have strict quality control. Our factory uses robotic systems in production to maintain product quality standards. and increase production efficiency faster.

Hin Kong Subdistrict
Total area is more than 90 acres.

Production capacity is more than 800,000 tons/year
= 20 million mortar bags.

Good cement starts with quality raw materials selected from all over the world.

International production methods with a 100% robotic production system and strictly quality control.

Environmentally and workers conscious we use solar energy to produce products.

Install a large dust filter and reduces dust emissions by up to 90%.